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September 02, 2007



This was an interesting article and I'm in the process of reading it again, but one thing struck me right away: The problem, as I see it, comes down to reality. Progressives believe in it, Bush’s people believe in creating it. The left and right have switched roles – the right taking on the mantle of radicalism and progressives waving the flag of conservatism. The political progeny of the protestors who proclaimed, “Take your desires for reality” in May of 1968, were now counseling the reversal: take reality for your desires. Republicans were the ones proclaiming, “I have a dream.”

I had the same feeling when I read the Susking article. So much of the left interpreted it in the wrong spirit, only confirming what Bush's advisor meant. He didn't mean that the Bush cabinet didn't have a sense of reality, of course they do. He meant that for Bush, politics was not simply a "politics of the possible" while the left have become stuck in the possible.

Ironically Bush comes off as the visionary and we're the pragmatic realists. WTF!?

Kudos to Mr. Dunscombe for pointing this out.


Actually, not "the left" specifically just those of us not in Bushworld.


I am not feeling "on fire", burningman...


Don't know what to tell you about that. Is it you? Is it me? The world?

Well, the world is burning. So what does that say about us?

Ira Wechsler

IF I Ever be a Soldier (updated)

They send thousands more to the Baghdad street,
To secure their fields of oil
Let's turn the soldiers guns and feet
To end their deadly toil!
While Clinton and Obama state
The vote is their solution
The working class won't take the bait,
What we need is revolution!

If I ever be a soldier ,
Neath the Red flag I will fight!
If a gun I ever shoulder,
It's to crush the bosses' might!
Join Progressive Labor Party,
Men and women fall in line!
Wage slaves of the world unite,
do your duty for worker's liberty!

Ira Wechsler

Internationale (updated)

Arise ye prisoners of starvation,
Arise ye wretched of the earth!
For justice thunders condemnation,
Tis a better world in birth!

No more traditions chains shall bind us,
Arise ye slaves no more enthrall!
The earth shall rise on new foundations
we have been naught, we shall be ALL!

Tis the final conflict,
Let each one stand their place
The International working class,
Shall be the Human Race

Tis the Final Conflict
Let each one stand their place
The International Working Class,
Shall be the Human Race

We need no condescending saviors,
To rule us from their Judgment Halls
We workers ask NOT their "favors"
Let us consult for all!

To seize the wealth we have created,
To free the will that lies within
Be Bold, Let's not be understated!
It's a communist world to win!

Tis the Final Conflict,
Let each one stand their place
The International working class
Shall be the Human Race.


This is the open statement of our goal in our own anthem, No farting around the edges.


Yes, fine song. I'm a fan. I even know the words.

And it's a far better tune than the 1930s culture PL tries to pass off as somehow authentic.


Bonus points for Ira if he can find the PL song on this website...

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