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August 20, 2007



One additional note: Akil Bomani is no longer associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party. He was a speaker in the RC4 tour of African-American leaders, but do to (something like) artistic differences in his independent musical productions, there was a parting of the ways. He is now known by the name Ecclesiates, and as far as I know can be reached through Chicago's Proletarian Productions.

Christopher Day

The unintended Burningman Festival traffic is a good thing and this is a fine article. I hope the festival-goers can resist the temptation to simply disregard it as so much commie blather and actually read it to the end. Its also telling that someone who takes the best in what Avakian has to say so much to heart was unable to remain within the confines of the RCP.

bait, switch

Quite a set of ideas, what an unfortunate diversion in its marriage of a communists are rebels approach with subordination to a man, as unitary wielder of revolution with no ass to back up that mouth.

I like the set of ideas. The switch to the pitch is where it strikes out.

princess of queens

Cousin, I thought you were done with the Bob Avakian fanboy stuff.

Price Check

Burningman isn't overpriced, it's free...

It's also where Malcolm (in Malcolm in the Middle) lost his virginity.



You might be interested that the RCP has been involved in the Burningman Festival for a number of years, from 1998 to be exact. Since 2002, an artist and revolutionary communist has been doing art there, and Revolution has been in the house (playa).
In too thousand 6, we even had a Revolution Camp, which promoted Bob Avakian, showed Revolution, Why it's necessary, why it's possible, what it's all about and distributed over 2000 copies of Revolution.
Burningman is not for the faint of heart, nor for the domatics.

Jimmy Higgins

"Domatics" being, one presumes, followers of 20th century US thinker and would-be world-changer Buckminster Fuller.

Funny, I'd've thought his lot would do well at Burning Man.


No matter who authors these RCP papers, they all sound like the same person wrote it!


Blackstone, that is because quite obviously it is a PARTY paper. I meam honestly, I don't even expect so much from the RCP.

r. john

surely it is possible to have a party paper that doesn't sound monotonous. that has distinct voices, styles, and even shades of viewpoint and argumentation.


It is indicative of particular lines and situations when a movement's press becomes a monotone.


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