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March 12, 2007


Christopher Day

Bravo SDS!!!!

This is precisely the sort of action we need to see a lot more of this spring. Actions like these not only threaten social peace and raise the cost of the war, they advance debates like those we have here by shifting the horizon of what is possible.

Again, bravo!


Yesterday I got the call at work and was like YES!

SDS is an important and growing student organiization that has the character and capacity these times require.

>Check out SDS

And it's not just here in New York. Ron Jacobs wrote up a piece on their ongoing efforts in Washington State for CounterPunch: Showdown at Port Tacoma

Modern Pitung

Contributing a writeup:

A brief update from that -- the activists were given a criminal trespass charge. Which is a great invitation to agitate around who, precisely, is guilty of a worse criminal trespass: 20+ students in a recruitment center, or 100,000+ soldiers in Iraq.

Modern Pitung

Apologies, here's the writeup.


True that on the tresspassing.

Who you calling illegal, Pilgrim?


The word on sds channels is that 20 people actually got arrested in nyc doing counter-recruitment; the 23 arrests (not all SDSers) were in Tacoma, resisting port militarization. And what went down in Tacoma was more brutal than the arrest numbers alone would suggest. There weren't enough protesters to effectively counter the cops and the tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper balls were freely circulating despite a commitment to non-violence on the behalf of protesters.
Video of the police teargassing and shooting sitting protesters here:
And more info at:

Renegade Eye

I was in the original SDS. I have amnesia about which faction I was with; it started with the letter P.

I hope they do well.

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