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February 01, 2007


the burningman

Known as the Naxalites, the newly unified Communist Party of India (Maoist) brought together the RIM-affiliated MCCI and the People's War group. They are currently listed as the "greatest internal threat in the history of the Republic" by the Indian government. Taken in context with the revolution in Nepal, the recent formation of a Maoist party in Bhutan and the political synergy since the formation of a regional communist body called the CCOMPOSA, South Asia is has become the storm center of world revolution.


This is an excellent video for tracking the development of a major stream of the national democratic revolution in India from the 1960s to 2001, represented by the CPI (ML-People's War) with an historic base in the eastern state of Andhra Pradesh.

With the recent merger of the PW with the Maoist Communist Center of India--historically based to the north in Bihar--the areas of armed struggle and Maoist organizing have spread to "red belt" of a dozen states. The new CPI (Maoist) has a huge mass base among the adivasis (tribal people), peasants and growing support among workers and progressive middle strata. BTW, the CPI (Maoist) is not affiliated with the RIM.

The way to find out what the Indian Maoists are thinking and doing is to visit the People's March website at For newsbreaks on the revolutionary struggle in India
see the Naxal Revolution website at:

Here's to the next video on the last six years of revolutionary struggle in India!


Burningman, I thank you for sharing this. I hope it's fresh to some here and hope people are able to enjoy and get into it.

There should be some new things coming from World Revolution Media pretty soon, keep your eyes on the lookout.

Until then, check this video out. :)


independentmaoist, right on! I just recently discovered A great find indeed.

the burningman

Check the "Fellow Travelers" links on the right column. There's all kinds of interesting folks hiding in plain site.

A note on checking international sites: The US State Dept. has a habit of falsely designating revolutionary communist groups as "terrorist."

There's no law against reading these websites, but all international web traffic gets additional scrutiny and it leaves a definite e-trail. Just something to keep in mind.

I didn't put up the link to People's March because they seem to be having problems online... the link is dead. Hopefully that will all get sorted out shortly.

lazy research

Any articles that lay out the changes over the last five years or so? Most of what I've found online is confusing. Many groups, similar names. Advice?


lazy research:
I'll see if I can't get a comrade of mine to stop by and post some info for you. He's fairly knowledged about India's Maoist movement.

Zack's Friend

I can't really think of any documents which analyze the entire history of the Maoist movement in India, but I do know that it's always good to read what the imperialists and their lackeys are saying. I found this to be very useful.

Harsh Thakor

A documentray film on the Indian Maoist movement must also reflect on the other streams within the movement that reflect the lines of Tarimala Nagi Reddy or Chandra Pulla Reddy and not just the Charu Mazumdar and Kanhai Chatterjee line.Significant movements were led by the group led by Chandra Pulla Reddy group that later split into many factions and by Tarimala Nagi Reddy annd D.V Rao who formed the Unity Centre of Communist Revolutionaries of India.(particularly i Andhra Pradesh and Punjab)The C.P.I(M.L) Liberation group also led a significant peasant movement in Bihar till it capitulated to revisionism.
In recent years the formation of organisations and movements led by organsiations like the C.P.R.C.I.(M.L),the C.P.I.(M.L)New Democracy group and the Chattisgarh Mukti Morcha have significance.
Today the revolutionary democratic movement(led by Maoist trend) led by the Lok Morcha in Punjab and the tribal movement led by the Malkangiri Adivasi Sangh in Orissa are of enormous significance as well as the movements led by the Punjab Agricultural labourers Union and the Bharatiya Kisan Union following correct trends..Famous struggles of landless peasants have been led in Balahar Vinju and of middle peasansts in Jethuke in Bhatinda district in Punjab.Famous struggles were also led by the Front agaisnt repression and Communalism in Punjab during the Khalistani Movement,like in Moga rally in July 1987 and the Sewewala Martyrs Commemoration in 1992 in Faridkot.A film should be made depicting the historical significance of those struggles.

Harsh Thakor

In India it is avery complex study on the Maoist Movement.Basically,it is divided into 3 trends.The first of the C.P.I.(Maoist),the second of the C.P.R.C.I.(M.L) and the third of groups like The C.PI.(M.L)Kanu Sanyal and New Democracy Groups.The C.PI.(M.L)Liberation gtoup has already capitualted to the revisionsit Camp.
The C.PI.(Maoist)'s formation in 2004 (merging of Peoples War Group with the M.C C)is of historic importance and it is waging aheroic armed struggle in Bihar,Andhra Pradesh and Dandkaranya.However it is still implementing the line of annihilation of the class enemy and still does not adopt the correct policy of practice within mass organsiatios deploying them as major front organsations.Several of their armed actions are not based on the people's movements and infact substitute them.True there are heroic action slike Jehenabad jailbreak and Madhuban actio in Bihar but overall acorrect military line has not been developed.In Earlier phasr mass oragnsiation like the Mazdoor Kisan Sangrami Samiti in Bihar gave outsatnding practices of mass line.
The C.P.R.C.I.(M.L) foromed in 1994 is the most correct group in theory and practice and has led an outstanding movement in Orissa and Punjab.In Orissa it has led a great movement in the Malkangiri district where tribals have formed their own revolutinary mass organsation to defend their rights to their forsests and land and even resisted multinational companies.Outstanding struggles have been led in self -defence and for protection of rights over bamboo trees.It implemented the most outstanding agrarian revolutionary practice seen in India and democratic functioning.In Punjab it has formed a bigd revolutinaty political platform and led some outstanding peasnt struggles of both the landed and landless peasants. Historic struggles were led in Balahar Vinju in Bhatinda district of the landlesss labourers opposing their land being auctioed and of middle peasnts in Jethuke in Bhatinda district.The mass political platform with mass oragnsiations led 3 historic election campaigns opposing tactics of active boycott and participation and graetly aroused the masses.Earlier constitient oragisnatin sof the C.P.R.C.I.(M.l)namely the C.C.RI.and the C.T.(C.PI.M.L)Led a historic movement against Khalisatni terrorism where they developed a mass revolutionary front which gave outstanding mass revolutionary resistance against the Khalistani forces like in Moga on JUly 10th .The same trend i the 1970's led the hsitioric movement of the Punjab Students UNion and the Naujavan Bharat Sabha,one of the largest youth movements.A historic rally was led in protest agaisnt the murder of Prithipala Singh Randhawa in 1979.THere was alos a famousMoga Sangram rally led in 1974.The origin of this line is with the struggle for mass line of Tarimala Nagi Reddy and DV.Rao agaisnt the adventurist Charu Mazumdar lin,eventually forming the U.C.C.R.I.(M.L).Even the Central Team Group formed in 1977led by Mahendra Singh made a significant contribution.(Even Comrades like Darsha Singh Dosanj and Sunder Navalkar)Later through efforts of Comrades to struggles agaisnt the revisinist trends within the U.C.C.R.I.(M.L) the C.C.R I.was formed in 1988.Comrade Anand and Comrade Harbhajan Sohi made the biggest contribution in this formation mymerging their own U.C.C.RI.factins within the new organsiation.However a mass military line has not been built in startegic areas like Bihat ahnd Andhra Pradesh and an all India level movement has not been built.A sufficient protracted campaign has not been carried defending Mao Tse Tung Thought or Maoism.The greatset contribution of this trend is adopting the correct relationship of the party with mass organsiations which are indispensable in the movement.
In the 3rd trend at one time outstanding work was done by gtoups led by Chandra Pulla Redy and Vinod Mishra)Liberation group).THe Liberation group led ahuge mass peasnt movement in Bihar and form,ed arevolutionary mass front,However it adopted an erroneus tactic of using non revolutionaty parliamentary tactics and eventually succumbed to revisionism.The same was the case with Chandra Pulla Reddy(now mainly represnted by New DEmocracy Group) who led an ouitsatnding movement in Andhra Pradesh .Eventually when Janasshkati Group was fotrmed the revisinsit trend emerged.THe Erstwhile C.P.I.M.L.)Red Flag at one time did outsatnding work in Keral and in defending Mao Tse Tuing thought but succumbed to parliamentarism after adopting open functioning which was capitulatinsit.THey did not differentiate between Mass and Part Platforms.
No organsiatin is implementing Comrade Mao's mass line completely and today within the REvolutionary Camp there are only 3 major organsiatins namey the C.P.I.(Maoist),the C.P.R.C.I.(M.L) and the C.P.I.(M.L)New DEmocracy.Other regional organsations exist like C.P.I(M.L)Naxalbari in Keral,R.C.C.I.(M.L)in Punjab and faction sof Janashkati Group.(had split into 6 organsations)Of thes e the Communist Party RE-Organisation Cenre of India(Marxist Leninist) C.P.R.C.I.(M.L)is closest in Practice to Comrdae Mao's taechings.
Theoretically regarding the Internatinal line the greatset contribution has been made by Harbhajan Sohi which refuted the 3 word theory of Deng Xiaoping and the same treand today opposes the formation of a Communist International today.In the overall mass line Tarimal Nagi Reddy made the graetset contribution.In India we hace to study te line of the 1946-51 Telengana Armed Struggle where mass protracted armed struggle was carried out and genuine peoples democratic power was formed.


Comrade Harsh Thakor, thank you for the contribution.

Friend of the Devil

Why doesn't the RCP actively report on these movements?

That's kind of weird. Li Onesto wrote an amazing book and that's been about it.

I can speculate, too. Does anybody actually know? Have they said why?

Maoism is growing rapidly in a few countries, you think they'd be all over it.

Christopher Day

I suspect that there are emerging line differences with some of the forces involved and thus a reluctance to promote the actions of groups that they might eventually be criticizing. My guess is that at the very least the South Asian groups aren't as convinced of the irreplacable nature of the Bobster and his latest theoretical contributions. That this is a lousy reason (if it is the reason) not to report on these important developments goes without saying. There is a crying need for much broader disemination of information about the Maoist movements in South Asia and whatever my differences with the RCP, they clearly have the best apparatus for that task. Its shameful that they haven't taken it up. I'm not an expert on these matter by a long shot, but I guess thats really the point: in the absence of serious reporting interested people begin to speculate. Are there are other good regular sources of info that should be getting promoted?


Blogs, the International Network in Solidarity with Nepal, Google News.

But that's not the same thing as reporters... or engaged political analysis.

The RCP's coverage of Maoists internationally? Write them a letter. I don't know why, though we can all speculate – they haven't said.

The CP has covered it regularly, if only to attack the revolution and maintain fraternal relations with the UML!

Also missing: anything like a serious analysis of Venezuela and Cuba. In the "outmoded" thesis, it leaves out that imperialism is fighting on many fronts even while the war wrap is tied up and concentrated on the fight in the predominantly Muslim corners of the world.

What's the rap on why the Arab left was defeated generationally? For example.

Kind of hard to make a real pitch for new breakthroughs without engaging the terrain people live in (beyond the crimes of imperialism and reactionary program of theocrats).


Well, she only saved him coz Draco? was alive.....and Harry did save his life twice that night.

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