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January 16, 2007


Mass Line Tip

One can find a lot of use being made of this piece, unpublished in Lenin's lifetime, here:

I've never seen anything else that uses this work of Lenin's as much as the Mass Line and the American Revolutionary Movement book.

friendly fire

I wonder who this missive is for?

The Mass Line site is a good resource, and whatever problems the author has had with the party do not detract from the seriousness of his criticism.

The Mass Line is something communists should constantly debate.

Not tailing the masses, not tailoring our positions to whatever activist consensus holds sway.

Going deep among different sectors of the people, learning what their needs and concerns are – and developing programmatic responses, movements, mass organizations, institutions and forums to bring out the revolutionary kernal.

It means political leadership, not a slippery barometer of what people already think they know.

The Mass Line also certainly involves the consistent spread of revolutionary communist agitation and propaganda.

Those organizations which pay lip service to the Mass Line while ignoring this defining aspect of what it is, are engaging in demogoguery. Whether they subjectively intend to do it or not, they are promoting revisionism.

I'm saying that with friendly fire.

We don't need Menshevism.

We need Bolshevism, with red flags on the ground. We need to engage millions of people with the highest and loftiest ideas of our movement. That there are no gods, no justice in the hereafter, no Democratic Party "Rainbow."

Those who dismiss communist political work dismiss the need for a party, refuse to combat revisionism and at the end of the day, over and over again all around the world, subordinate the class struggle to a "better deal" under the existing ruling class.

This is why revisionists in South Asia like the UML in Nepal or the CPI-Marxist will go so far as to engage in counter-insurgency before they get their own house in order.

It's why supposedly ML parties here will tail Islamists, nationalists, even communists at times, while training their members and supporters in what Lenin called Menshevism.

Today the word for Menshevism is "Refoundation."

friendly fire

Let me put it another way: If you are a member or supporter of an organization that calls itself communist (or "socialist"), and you are dedicated to fighting through to the rule of the proletariat – I ask: do you engage in regular, public and organizational advocacy of communism?

Do you ever do that?

And if not, what are you doing to further the communist movement? Not just "the" movement.

How would you contrast the subordination of communist politics now to "felt needs" with the writings of Eduard Bernstein, Karl Kautsky, Teng Xioping, Sam Webb, Kruschev and all the other revisionists who have used a Marxist vocabulary to promote the rule of the bourgeoisie?

the burningman

"I wonder who this missive is for?"

All of us.

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