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January 24, 2007


Dougie Fresh

Hmmm, I thought that United for Peace & Justice [UFPJ] organized this demo, i guess it was the 'World Cant Wait' all along. Well its good they are finally doing something.

Oh, no wait, UFPJ is organizing this, this post is just really misleading. Ooops!

the burningman

This protest is called by UFPJ, and endorsed by several hundred groups, including World Can't Wait.

For more information from United for Peace and Justice, check their website.

Of course, if you want to engage in the typical chest-bumping and anonymous slagtalk – you might want to take it elsewhere. (Or at least sign your name so you don't come off as shady as you do.)

the peanut gallery

Fuck CNN.

Here's how I heard the State of the Apocalypse.


"She was the first one to applaud. Guess who's going which way? Jim Webb gave the rebuttal. "God Bless America." Talk about code words."

Yeah, Pelosi should of wore a pink t shirt and screamed "Bring the troops home" until Bush decided to give it up. And Webb should of called for the oppressed masses to begin a People's war like Nepal under the glorious leadership of Chairman Avakian. I'm sure workers and peasants across America would have let out a big "right-on", start pumpin their fists in proletarian rage and took the streets under hardcore red leadership (no wimpy revisionists or social dems invited)

the burningman

Actually, "wimpy revisionists and social dems" are invited. Hell, I'll work with former CIA officers like Ray McGovern, the former warden of Abu Ghraib Janice Karpinski and congresspeople of either party if they have the gumption to impeach the president.

Jim Webb is all for leading a battle cry for victory, and America's "workers and peasants" (hardee-harhar) are well past done "shaking their fists" at the war fever people like him dished up for years.

People want this war over. They aren't ending it. The fear-mongering and manipulation have worn thin. We could see that last night.

But hey, if you're first comment is to drop a turd on the very people who can say "power to the people" without breaking out in giggles.... well, I feel for you.

Maybe cynicism is the true last refuge of the scoundrel.

(And I'm wearing a pink shirt right now, thank you very much.)


Can anyone give me information on what organizations are sending Buses...from where..and what is the cost.

The average it seems is there anything less?

Bus info:

STP: World Can't Wait NYC just got a fourth bus. They are $35, $25 for students/poor folk. They board at Union Square East and 16th St., 5:30 a.m.

Inforamtion is above in the main post.


Any reports on how the anti-war demo in DC went, for those of us who couldn't make it?

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