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January 07, 2007



Has anybody got any serious proposals for Marxist Leninist Maoist blogs link ups and shared resources ?


Nelson H.

Despite sporadic periods of inactivity, I still live. I wanted to throw out an idea that takes a stab at doing something like what Haisanlu gets at. And naturally, I'll do so in a way that shows the utmost level of comradely respect - comment spam.

Spamming below:

In the coming weeks I'm challenging myself to take on questions of white supremacy and white privilege as a central focus in all forthcoming posts. I'm extending this challenge to others in our corner of the blogosphere. I remember Villa Villekula's call for bloggers to make "classim" the topic en vogue this past Labor Day; and in this vein I propose a very specific form of the aforementioned challenge.

Let's take the MLK holiday as an opportunity to blog against white supremacy.

A broad topic indeed, but one that is so foundational to any other conversation we might have, whether we are talking about patriarchy, capitalism and class structure, popular culture, etc. Plus many, many folks already do this daily. But the idea is a more coordinated effort to flex out collective muscles. If others agree with this idea, spread the call far and wide. Everyone has a solid 6 days to get a story worked out. At the very least transcribe a good theory piece and put together a decent intro. Get friends who don't blog involved. I'm always amazed at the shear number of folks on MySpace - get friends to post something there in the blog section or even as a bulletin. It doesn't matter, just lean on them to do it.

Drop a comment on this post back at my blog if you are up for it. I will start keeping a list of co-conspirators on the side-bar along with a post early next Monday with a list of blogs to follow that day.
-Nelson H.

the burningman

It's an excellent idea. I'll expedite something related I've been thinking about: the question of "allies."


I am just getting my feet wet in the world of revolutionary blogging, but I'm excited about it. I just started Present Progressive Mood, which has mostly focused on Latin America but will be expanding, and I'll also participate in the Blogging Against White Supremacy Day.
I'm definitely glad I discovered your blog and others.

Jaroslav O.

[OK, time to toot my own horn...]

Come by REVOLUTION RADIO at (also under Burningman's "Fellow Travellers" section; thank you!)

Because where else are you gonna hear German punk, Senegalese rap, Argentinian metal (& yeah, got some US stuff too, call it affirmative action) -- all with a revolutionary content?

The blog section is always interesting, though it is often a repost with a short comment rather than a big huge original thesis or a full-length translation, due to my offline busy-ness.

I also have an extensive links section.

PS. To comment you will need a myspace account (free), but to read & listen you don't anything but a computer & speakers/headphones.

the burningman

Since I wrote this up, I realized I left off the most-improved site in the red blogosphere.

The Primary Contradiction is great. I hadn't seen Yolanda's coverage of the Duke rape case, in particular, and I have to say it's inspired me to try harder. Serious, original writing and real discussion.

I'm going to re-post something she wrote in a few days, but I had to make a note before then.

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