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January 25, 2007


Belle O'Really


Christopher Day

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Thano Paris

Hey Jed--I loved that! The site is looking real nice--Keep up the good work!


Beautiful! Haha.

Modern Pitung

Cute overload! Must! Get! Insulin!


Kids for Kommunism - hope for the future - and fun to watch


To add some spice

Yeah I am quite sure that religion has led to much violence in the world, can anyone say to the contrary. But there is a reality to violence on tv and video games being accepted into the consciousness. The most extremes form of human suffering, violence, and exploitation is easily passed off as entertainment these days.

Can one say that mysgonistic video games like Grand Theft Auto, the absurdist pornography, the humiliating reality shows don't help re-enfore a violent and degenerate ethical system?

Music, Video Games, TV shows are well apart of the capitalist culture as well, and they DO create a consciousness that ISN'T in any sense revolutionary...and indeed reactionary.

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