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December 24, 2006



Excellent! This is great, and a long time coming. Kudos to the people who put the work into these things, it is much appreciated, and has an impact beyond what is often imagined. Site looks great, too.

p.s. holla to the christmas mirc gang, for those still around.


Looks like they need to add more books, I registered though.


That's good. Not as good as the actual Revolution Books but better than nothing for those who don't live by one. BTW I am linking.

Renegade Eye

Seasons Greetings.

Thank you for the heads up about Revolution Books.


It's really great to have this up for people (like me) that aren't close to a Revolution Books. Thanks for the heads up, indeed.


I hate to be too critical, I think it's great that Revbooks is finally online, but I hope they can get some of the rarities they carry up. Like some of the older pamphlets and issues of the paper, as well as things like copies of "Breaking With Old Ideas". I'm sure they'll be expanding their selection, and I look forward to it. But I also hope that they'll be showing us some of that 'embraces but does not replace' especially in their philosophy selections.


'Breaking With Old Ideas' is on Youtube now.


Breaking With... is also on the World Revolution Media site.

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