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December 06, 2006



I think the WWP should be applauded for investigating a history few communist organizations venture. However, in seeing the WWP praxis, they've demonstrated an extremely instrumentalist approach to the GLBT-proletarian section. Still, Feinberg's collection of short histories are very valabale.

friend of a friend

No doubt, on both counts. It's hard sometimes to take anything they say seriously when they write boilerplate for the the North Koreans, all happy and shiny. WW was way ahead of the curve on this one from way back. I haven't gotten to the parts about East Germany. I don't know if I want to. But hey, no investigation, no right to speak.

the burningman

Celticfire: what's the word on your blog? You said you were starting up again... and then?


Tentatively in January, if all goes well. I am hoping to buy a domain, and I already have a work-in-progress design, and some draft posts. It wont be updated but once a month, but the posts will be longer and more in depth.

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