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December 05, 2006



What's wrong with skepticism in Cuba?

They need more skepticism instead of the cynicism they got. Here's a country where nationalism has left them scrapping to find their peace inside the capitalist system.

Tourism and cash crops, no food sovereignty!

Respect is due for what they've accomplished, but come on!

Cuba needs a constituent assembly if anyone does. Castro held on to power for decades, his fear of the people was so deep. No freedom of speech. No ability to publish outside of the state. No way for people to challenge the dictates of Castro or his brother or the Cuban equivelent of a governmental chamber of commerce decked out in red stars and pictures of Che.

If the working people of Cuba do not find a way to take an active, conscious part in "socialism," then its just a word with healthcare kind of and schools.

Skepticism? Of course the Cubans are a skeptical people. Isn't skepticism something socialists should admire and promote? Otherwise, what's the point.

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