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November 24, 2006


what's left...

"Congratulations on an extraordinary year of labor-led all-people's front organizing and fightback. The right-wing stranglehold on Congress has been broken. The elections are a stunning people's victory -- part of a hard-fought quarter-century battle to defend democracy."

FRSO-Fight Back
"The midterm elections represented a defeat of historic proportions for the Bush administration. They were a referendum on the war against Iraq. The American people voted ‘no.’ The Republican agenda of racism, inequality and reaction met with a setback. This is a moment to savor. It’s payback time for the politicians who left people to die on freeway overpasses in New Orleans and who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Iraq.

"Sure, a defeat that was more complete would have been better, as there are plenty more reactionary officeholders who kept their positions in Congress, the statehouses and at the local level. Or, it would be better if corporate interests did not dominate the Democratic Party. And it’s right to make the point that it would be better to have a system where political power is truly in the hands of the working people, as opposed to the wealthy elite who now run this country."

FRSO-Left Refoundation,en/
"Though many activists on the Left, including those who want nothing to do with the Democratic Party, were thrilled that the Republicans were trounced on November 7th, it is critical that we think through the implications of what unfolded.

"The election results clearly demonstrate fury with the Bush administration's policies on Iraq, but they also reflect (at least according to the polls) disgust with Republican corruption. According to a CNN exit poll on Election Day, 57% of voters disapprove of the war in Iraq and a Newsweek poll showed that 53% of Americans want impeachment to be on the agenda.

"Both of these tendencies are something upon which progressive and Left forces can build. It is also interesting to note that more than 1/3 of the electorate saw themselves as explicitly voting against President Bush."

"Unfortunately, many leading organizations of the antiwar movement put a high priority on mobilizing a vote for the Democrats, and they are claiming the result as a vindication of their strategy of trying to build alliances with Democratic Party politicians.

"Yet during their post-election interviews with the media, Democratic leaders took every opportunity to pour cold water on the hopes placed in them by their liberal supporters.

"The election was a referendum that rejected the Bush administration and its right-wing agenda, but the Democratic leadership remains convinced that it succeeded because it adopted many elements of that agenda, and distanced itself from the party’s traditionally more liberal base."

what's left...

Workers World Party
"The main accomplishment of the 2006 midterm elections was to open a breach in the wall surrounding the Bush gang, who had ruled almost by edict since the 9/11 events. Now is the time to step into that breach and mobilize a massive movement to really get the U.S. troops out of Iraq, to win rights for immigrants and for all workers in the U.S., and to promote the struggles for women’s rights, against racism and for lesbian, gay, bi and trans rights."

Party of Socialism & Liberation
"The results of the Congressional elections showed that the U.S. people want an end to the war in Iraq. Because the imperialist establishment has its grip firmly on the levers of real power in this country, however, the elections are being utilized to replace one team of managers with another.

"The mass anti-war sentiment, now clearly expressed, puts the majority of people objectively at loggerheads with the politicians of both parties. The Democrats profited from the anti-war wave—but they intend to become Bush’s partners in Iraq. That is why the immediate struggle to stop the war in Iraq means that the people must act in larger numbers and with greater determination in the coming months.

"The struggle for genuine peace is a long and complicated effort. Realizing the will of the people will require a profound, radical transformation of society. Power must be taken from those who profit from a global empire."

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