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May 04, 2006


Comandante Gringo

Nothing for me is more pathetic than being at a pro-palestinian rally, etc., and seeing that the majority of earnest participants are totally oblivious to the DOZENS of zionist agents incessantly circling in and around them... I mean, I could never put my life in the hands of such people.
Yet they demand to be taken seriously as political actors.

I'm sorry -- but forget _that_ shite. There has to be some minimum modicum of security-consciousness in politix.

the burningman


Fadi Kiblawi gave a sober recounting of the slur campaign Hillel organized at George Washington University. He was called a "terrorist" over the campus listserve and a completely ficticious incident was concocted where he "led chants (of) 'Death to the Jews.'"

His crime: discussing divestment and explaining the apartheid nature of the Israeli state.

The response: attempts to criminalize and incite irrational fear among Jewish students on campus.

His response is powerful and smart and decent... the kind of dignified righteousness that wins.


"Officials at a US university have removed artwork depicting injured Palestinian children from an exhibit after complaints, a U.S. newspaper reported.

"The paintings were on display at Brandeis University in Boston, Mass.

"They were painted by Palestinian children at the request of an ISRAELI JEWISH STUDENT at the Jewish-sponsored college who wanted to bring the Palestinian viewpoint to campus.

"However, school officials said the paintings were too one-sided and they were removed on Saturday, four days into a two-week exhibit at a school library."

These battles can be won if they are confronted directly with the intention to WIN OVER those students who don't know the back story.

The point of the attack apparatus is to make rational discussion impossible, not to win each discussion.

Most people will say "oh, you two...." and that's enough.

If paintings are taken down... photocopy them and glue them in every bathroom on campus. Put them all in the school paper with an explination of one child's family history. And what is so heavy at Brandeis is the increasingly common phenom where Israelis are more open to honest discussion than American Jewish institutions.

Jews disproportionately oppose the war. Jewish institutions are disproportionately hawkish and Sharonist. That's what makes debate so dangerous to the Zionist enterprise. That's why we can't stop.

Comandante Gringo

I think a big part of the problem is that most people, because they don't have much or any political experience, have very little or no perspective; and so see these malign forces as somehow having boundless, bottomless, infinite resources. Which they don't.

They _can_ be messed-with, as you demonstrate above. All it takes is 'moxy' (or is that 'chutzpah'..?)
And determination, and nerve, and some money, and...


The pro-Israel lobby is heavily going after Juan Cole and Ray McGovern at the moment.

But the act is getting bit tired. They threw everything they had at Cindy Sheehan and it only made her stronger.

Comandante Gringo is right. There's nothing all powerful about AIPAC. The real issue isn't the media or the activist left. It's the Democratic Party. It's possible to have an open debate about Israel and the pro-Israel lobby just about anywhere in the United States except for the Democratic and Republican parties.

Mainstream politics is where lobbying clout really does have an effect.

the burningman

Nicely put, Stan.

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