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May 04, 2006



wow. wow.

What about the confusion?

Comandante Gringo

The point has been made, based on the logic of the situation and past experience with Oka, Gustafsen Lake, Wounded Knee, etc. that someone -- most likely canadian and/or U.S. and/or UK state (military/police) Black Ops -- is stirring things up behind the scenes there. Right up to the KKK provocation in the past few days. Though thye really don't have to do much -- there's a lot of rednecks in KKKanada.

I live right near there, actually. And I know I was being closely shadowed by these very military types when I myself actually worked another construction project on that very reservation. They don't like any of us getting together and linking up, that's for sure...


This makes it abundantly clear that folks who make the argument that white skin privilege is not an issue in Canada and that strategies recognizing the centrality of the vertical integration of the white community to Canadian capitalism are off base, are full of shit, eh?

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