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May 01, 2006


Comandante Gringo

All the bourgeois actors here have signaled treachery and future violence and subterfuge to the masses. The sooner the masses move to crush these bourgeois dogs and take the entire country from the elites, the better they will be able to withstand the foreign intervention which will follow close on the heels of that.

But it's up to the urban masses to join with the rural masses now: the maoists can't expect to take on both the internal and external enemy, isolated, on their own. That wouldn't be smart, and they shouldn't -- won't -- do it. And so this ugly little passion play is going to have to be played out a bit, while the people come to grips with this last attempt to fool and divert them.

At least it will wake a lot of people up, both inside & outside Nepal, to how you simply cannot make any deals with the bourgeoisie or their agents: they will stab you in the back -- or the belly, for that matter -- at the first opportunity which presents itself. And that goes for all those social-democrat and even [ex-]"communist" parties, which long ago sold the workers' birthright for a mess of pottage.

The only thing I'm really wondering is: how badly do the maoists really want a socialist republic at this point? In other words: how much do they really believe they must stick to stalinist 'stagist' theory, and thus to a bourgeois parliamentary republic for the foreseeable future? And whither their strategic alliance with the Naxalites?


i was wondering if anyone could shed light on this report of CPN(M)members violently attacking sex trade workers:

little light

The basic issue of the sex trade in Nepal is that women are treated like cattle, bought and sold.

That will end, and in many places it already has.

Note that no other political party addresses in any serious way the shipping of Nepalese women to Indian brothels, or the fact of women's subordination.

What NGOs "say" and what they "do" are often very different.

Western bourgeois "freedom" of sexual slavery is fucking gross. Sometimes in a popular movement, people will make mistakes. In this case, who knows?

A dozen women beaten is bad. A nation of women bought and sold is the problem... unless you're the kind of person who thinks sexual access to subordinated women is your birthright of "liberty."

Prostitution is capitalist tyranny.


The belief that the Nepalese Army will only obey the King is a myth. For 104 years this Army was under the complete control of the then Rana Government. It even fought against the Nepali Congress led Revolution of 1950 which was actively supported by the then King Tribhuban.

The Army supports whoever has the legal and constitutional authority. It is a professional army and no amount of disinformation can change this fact.

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