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May 01, 2006


Non Serviam

100,000 reported in Indonesia, as Susilo attempts to out-Sarko Sarko, by rubbing out the right to strike.

And an obituary to report: Indonesian novelist, leftist, and survivor of the White Terror of Suharto, Pramoedya Ananta Toer died at 81 years of age.

the burningman

From what I saw, the immigration rallies defined the events in New York... and from what I heard across the USA.

I marched with the Red Flag contingent, organized by revolutionary communists -- and very well received all and all throughout the day. It was a necessary intervention on International Workers Day with so much liberal pandering about this being "our country too."

If it was all our country, it wouldn't need to be said -- but its not. It will take a revolution to change who gets "in" and who gets in to work.

Tens of thousands were in and around Union Square, with throngs pushing onto side streets despite an irritating, controling police presence.

I'm just getting home now and haven't checked around... I think this was one of the biggest and broadest Maydays I've ever seen -- with Latino proletarians representing DEEP in the USA.

After the ghetto uprisings in France, the MLM movements need to speak to the class structure of the "really existing proletariat" in a new way, particularly in Europe...

Revolutionary greetings to all people in struggle on May First.

Comandante Gringo

Sorry if this isn't the usual May Day greeting. I had enuff of that stuff hanging around with the stalinists...
I'm 100% business, 100% of the time: 24/7/52!

My observation of this May Day Burningman page: It's this 'over-the-top' stuff which maoists are famous for, that has the rest of us commies cowering in the corners...
...even though I know I tend to be more and more 'assertive' these daze myself (others would say 'strident' or 'unreasonable'. And if I were female, I'd be a "bitch"... ;)
And I do this because there's way too much pulling of punches out there. Too many concessions being made to our loud and braying class enemy and their hired intellectual hitmen.


rojo hosannah

This is a major national protest. It's not particularly communist, let alone some kind of stalinist rhetorical trick.

Small towns, Chicago, Mexicans came out strong. That's tens of millions now.

In Brooklyn, Mexican shops were closed. I heard the largest chicken processing factory in the country closed (one of the rumors in the crowd).

I marched red flag and that was a great way to show solidarity. People also know what it means -- and with so many national flags on display, I'm more than happy I marched to put out some internationalism and recognition of what this country is.

This mass assertion of dignity is not just a liberal talking point -- or hyperbole or "cheap labor for corporate profit" gimmick.

Mass assertion of dignity. Of worth. And a demand for access to the institutions of decision-making, which is what citizenship amounts to in a formally democratic country. It's an assertion of right and rights, not just use value for capitalism. overwhelmingly proletarian crowds.

This is a wildcat moment.

A more appropriate obit for Pak Pram:

Eric Odell

That is, unsurprisingly, the best obit for PAT I've read yet. But I'd go further than Ali and assert that Pram was one of the greatest writers of his time in the *world*. Anyone who has read the Buru Quartet would hopefully agree. Anyone who hasn't should definitely put the books on their reading list.

I had the great privilege to visit with Pram three years ago at his home outside Jakarta. The fact that he was as excited to meet me as I was to meet him also gives testament to a great humility on his part despite his fame and momentous literary accomplishments.

the burningman

I read The Fugitive a few years ago and it whet my appetite. The favorable comparison with Camus and The Stranger is right on target. Where The Fugitive is ragged and humane, The Stranger is cold and murderous.

A revolutionary spirit vs. the terminal, imperial bourgeoisie.

Comandante Gringo

rojo hosannah:
You so didn't get my (admittedly incoherent) point.

Doesn't matter, really. But my point about maoists still stands -- as your reply is of type (and for militants of pretty much any humorless sect of the Left or Right for that matter). And my point was, too, that we can all be like that, at least on occasion or part of the time.

Glad you enjoyed yourself on this Labor Day.

A spectre haunts the world. The spectre of the "industrial suburb." This time in Jakarta.

Two, three, many Parises.


any pictures anywhere of this?

Using Yahoo News' photo search tool:

a thought

Considering criticism raised elsewhere on this site about WCW failure to mobilize thousands or 10's of thousands, what is it that we can learn from the resistance of the Latino community?

How do we repeat their success? How to we reach people so that they feel the burning need to take the ultimate risks? (many who came out on may 1st risked being deported or disapeared by the authorities)

And how do we leap beyond their success and reach a whole new level including forcing Bush from power and facing the possibilities that would raise in a way that would allow for us to gain the most ground for the International Prol.

To me these are very pressing questions. The kind that should be keeping us up at night.

I dont have the answers. Any thoughts?

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