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May 02, 2006


well that's progress

See the state gas companies in Saudia Arabia and the Gulf states for examples of this kind of progress...

Mme. Spectre

Capitalism... the end of history?

Nationalization... bad on principle?

Capitalist tyranny... historical and under attack!

Evo is re-negotiating the same contract. On better terms, in regional alliance with populist, social-democratic governments in a region where open imperial terror (see Colombia, Central America) has enforced barbarism.

This is a good thing. It's not "the" thing, but let's see it in its fabric and take it for the victory it is.

Evo was brought in because the militant, autonomous movements among the indigenous people of Bolivia have been boiling for years. Let's not make this a personality game where Morales plays an 8-fingered Chavez (or Che-light).

This is a concession to the people -- and their mass demand for national, and ultimately socialist -- control of the resources that have been stolen from them for so long.

Si..... se puede.

Christopher Day

This is why political line is KEY. The nationalization of the gas fields can mean different things depending on the political line behind it. What are the political objectives that this move seeks to fulfill and on behalf of what class interests? Its easy to make facile comparisons between different cases of nationalization, but their is a world of difference between the social base that put Evo Morales in power and the social base of teh Saudi royal family. This is not to deny the profound contradictions around Morales. There are plenty of reasons to fear a sort of left sounding populism that doesn't really ever move to smash bourgeois power and build workers power. There has certainly been a long history of that in Latin America. But the verdict is not in yet. We are in a new period and old truisms about the limits of the electoral road to socialism are being put to new tests under changed circumstances. Let us all watch carefully and not be afraid to feel hope.

Comandante Gringo

People do want to look gift horses in the mouth here, don't they? Still, they're more than a little justified in their suspicions, because Morales is indeed very untrustworthy (talk about the need for 'line'...) Which is why I was absolutely floored to read this news last nite.

It was a totally unexpected move, coming from such a one like Morales -- and totally out of character too, AFAIC. I still think so. This is NO SMALL DEAL. It's frankly AMAZING that Morales would go this far so fast. One can only wonder why, from this distance -- because there's no little birdie sitting on my shoulder (or a fly from someone's wall) to explain what forced Morales to move so decisively. What's the calculus? Serious dissension in the ranx over his other recent failures of will? Incontrovertible proof delivered to him from certain quarters that there is a real and very dirty destabilization campaign being waged against him by the imperialists? Invasion plans in the worx which he is heading off? Did he finally and truly "see the light" during his little visit with Fidel and Hugo..? Are the terms of ALBA so favorable -- and the resources of Cuba and Venezuela deep enuff -- that Morales has grasped that he really does have space for maneuver against the Imperium? That he _can_ act as the masses demand? That he has to clear the decks to prepare for Yanqui invasion and/or destabilization thru Paraguay -- or even from Brasíl and/or Argentina??

I await a marxist analysis of some real facts here. We all do. Too bad most of what we've gotten so far from the mass-media is the usual self-serving bourgeois crap.

Chasing Manhattan

...maybe I'll make Commandante Gringo mad with some "self-serving" proletarian crap... and lack of marxist analysis...

but this is good. this is a response to the just demands of the people, not the generosity or goodness of Evo.

it is also the last-ditch of a doomed system. state-capitalism is not our goal. but if we can push governments to recoup profits for the people and create a progressive nationalist bloc in South America... to the better.


Decent, sympathetic breakdown of the nationalization...


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