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May 05, 2006



Well getting into einstein seems a bit off topic. Anywho, the point of einstein is that once you take his logic at face value you accept that there is no point of absolute rest. Hawking makes this point in regards to Newton's logic. When you apply this in philosophical terms you accept the fact that any claims to objectivity are bunk. For instance saying that the state is predicated on class because one came first is a non-starter. Obviously macro and micro are not separate, but niether does one predicate the other. Thus the phrase contingent universality makes sense.

In regards to me and individuality, I would indeed like to maximize my personal liberation as much as possible. Obviously destroying capitalism would be a nice addition to this, however as I said that is ultimately tied to other people changing there agency besides me. I will certainly do what I can propaganda wise, however waiting for people to spontaniously rip the chains, or forcing change on people is a non-sequiturr for me.

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