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April 15, 2006


Mr. Kotter

Welcome back.


For those unfamiliar with Roque Dalton, you can check out a beautiful history of his life here:

Dalton was a Salvadoran poet, historian and revolutionary. Actually his father was a semi-notorious gringo bankrobber and his mother was Salvadoran; he was raised in El Salvador. Though he was killed in 1975, and though he was an explicit communist that joined a revolutionary guerrilla organization to overthrow the government, he is still acknowledged across the political spectrum to be the best poet El Salvador has produced.

His life was fascinating and his death is one of the greatest tragedies of the highly-charged sectarianism of the 1970s (he was assassinated by leaders of his own guerrilla group who accused him and some like-minded comrades of being CIA spies, since they were critical of the militarist line of the leadership at the time and called for doing more mass work). That horrific action led to yet another split in the Salvadoran left.

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