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April 25, 2006


Comandante Gringo

[Richard Boucher will be explaining exactly what he meant by "expunge the Maoists from Nepali society" at the War Crimes / Crimes Against Humanity tribunal hearings we will be holding for all these arch criminals in the not-too-distant future.]

In a sense, anyone can fight their way to power. The real test of fire comes later, when a situation like this develops: where here the communist movement must deal with all the tricks and wiles of the ruling-classes and the foreign imperialists, after effectively demonstrating that they are truly the ones in control of the country, physically.

In effect, the maoists have arranged to give the SPA just enuff rope with which to hang itself. And the SPA, true to form, has promptly gone out and tightened the noose around its neck and summarily jumped. It remains only for the maoists to allow matters to take their natural course here.

Clearly, with the transparent plans to cheat the masses in the worx, with the NPA continuing to provocatively attack the masses and the maoists, in no way will the maoists be giving up an inch of territory, let alone their arms. The liberated territories remain liberated -- and these will elect their delegates to the Constituent Assembly which will take place at the people's pleasure -- and not that of any dictator or his foreign imperialist patrons. It would be insanity for the maoists to act otherwise.

The gameplan has always been to allow the urban masses and unconvinced others to finally see and become convinced that the road to bourgeois democracy has been a dead-end from the get-go; and that the only way forward now is forcing thru bourgeois democracy straight into socialist democracy. And this situation, surprisingly enuff, is yet another concrete proof of the utility of Trotsky's 'Permanent Revolution' theory of development (i.e. uneven & combined development in its political expression. However you want to define 'law' in the marxist-scientific sense).

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