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April 17, 2006



Anyone know how much a flight to Katmandu costs right about now?

Comandante Gringo

I'm glad this has been posted again, because I got to read it again, more closely this time. This document makes it very clear what the maoists' next step will be (since everyone and their running-dog are asking).

Bottom Line: the convening of a constituent assembly to form a democratic republic -- but a republic in which the bourgeois parties will be part of the constituent forces. And the landlords will be expropriated as well. And clearly, the latter move requires armed force -- and not the present army, either.

However, there is one whopping proviso here which is the kicker: this new democracy is not limited merely to the influence and hegemony of these 7 parties from the ancien regime. It also very clearly includes ALL the democratic forces of the society as constituent forces: including the dalits, women -- all the poor, struggling masses of Nepal. And so the maoists are clearly signaling that they fully intend to move quickly past the mere formalities of bourgeois democracy towards real, people's democracy. However, the maoists are also wise enuff not to say anything more than that -- because it will be up to these very forces described to define just where and how this democracy will be going.


Reading through a collection of Lenin's writings Between the Two Revolutions (1905-1917), I found this juicy bit to be decoded (p19, Progress Publishers). Lenin compares the political attitudes of different Russian parties to monarchy in particular and in general. In a few short paragraphs he kind of cuts to the quick. If you don't know what the party acronyms stand for, it doesn't really matter. Think, who thinks what today and you can fill in the blanks:


A. (to the Right of the C.D.) and B.(C.D.). No; the British, Italian and Allied mnarchies generally must not be abolished, but only the German, Austrian, Turkish and Bulgarian, since victory over them will multiply our profits.

C. (S.D. and S.R.) A certain "sequence" must be observed, and in any case we should begin with Wilhelm; as to the Allied monarchies, we had perhaps better wait a bit.

D. ("Bolsheviks") No sequence can be established for revolutions. We must help ONLY the revolutionaries IN DEED to abolish ALL monarchies in all countries without exception.


So who are todays Cadets? Who are todays Social Democrats and Social Revolutionaries?

And who are today's Bolsheviks?

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