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April 26, 2006



At the Maoist rally outside the parliament convocation, student ANNISU(R) leader Lekha Nath Neupane said, "The 20-day campaign was built on the strength of our 10-year war against the monarch, this is the universal truth."

Comandante Gringo

For nepalis, the most important thing at this moment is the quickly turning and twisting tide of this revolution. But for us here in the Imperial West, the most important thing is acknowledging and countering the most amazing mass of lies, half-truths and spin-doktoring coming out of the propaganda organs of the bourgeois mass-media. I haven't read such awful tripe since the fall of the Berlin Wall. (But if we lived in e.g. Venezuela it'd be another matter entirely I'm sure.)

So our job is to see to it that the truth of the Revolution gets out to at least the "Alternative Media" (which still barely includes the likes of the liberal, 'civil society' "Democracy Now!"...) -- and our komrads there can then take that ball and run with it.

And so the likes of this blog have a very important job to do, actually. Let's get to it.

you and what army?

This whole meeting of the old parliament is fascinating.

How far does its authority reach?

As far as the Royal Nepal Army...

The Seven Party Alliance still doesn't seem to understand that with the Maoists controling much of the rural countryside -- with STRONG popular support by all accounts -- they should immediately cease their support of the old state machinery, demand the release of ALL political prisoners and show that they aren't just opportunist politicians trying to protect their own priv.

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