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April 30, 2006


Red Rosa

That's a great report. More of this!

Comandante Gringo

Very inspiring; but the possibility always exists that somebody will get cold feet (or just went along on the face of it) and show up for work on Monday -- undercutting the others.

Solidarity needs a little more work than simply this uplifting tale. But this is where it all begins, of course.

See why we need things like parties? With the continuity they represent?


Yes, indeed, people acting of their own accord is very bad, Comandante Gringo! If left to their own devices, they might not do what we want! People are-- *gasp*-- unpredictable! Sometimes they change their mind! You're right: we need centralized parties to make sure they follow their marching orders if they happen to get cold feet.

Christopher Day

I think this is a great story and very inspring. But I think you are missing the very real truth contained in Comandante Gringo's admittedly pissy comment: organization matters. Its not a substitute for the "spontaneous" actions of the people. And spontaneity is not a substitute for organization either. Both are neccesary elements in a revolutionary process. The question isn't really whether someone is going to get cold feet and therefore needs to be given orders. The question is what happens on May 2, 3, 4 ... How does this inspiring action get plugged into a sustained movement that can actually permanently transform power relations in this society. That requires organization, whether you want to call it a party or not I could care less, and organization on the scale that is neccesary in order to be effective demands some centralization. If all centralization means is some self-appointed leaders handing down orders of course its worthless. But if centralization means concentrating the real leaders who arise out of concrete struggles and have won the respect of the people and giving them the means to see what is happening on the ground all over the society and to coordinate action in ways that reflects the higher level of understanding that such a process makes possible, it can be a very powerful force for positive change.

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