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April 23, 2006



Here is Norwegian version recorded in 2007 by the hiphop-ska orchestra Samvirkelaget ("the cooperative"):


Thanks for the content!!!


أغنية رائعة جدا ، تفخر بها الأجيال في إيطاليا و تعبر عن تاريخها و عظمة شعبها


Francesco De Gregori - Bella ciao album - (Il fischio del vapore)

georgia simakou

I am Greek and I live in Athens.
I am merely fifteen years old, but I am very concerned with what is going on around me. I cannot specify my political beliefs, since I like many things from communism, but also many things from anarchism. I am just in favour of justice, equality and real democracy. I have recently started reading the "Capital" by Marx. I consider knowledge of history and political philosophie essential for the progress of our society. I like learning about rebels throughout history and among my role models are Emiliano Zapata and Alekos Panagoulis.

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