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April 23, 2006


Christopher Day

You made my day!

One of my fondest revolutionary memories is of riding in the back of a truck on a twisting mountainous dirt road into the warmth of the Lacandon Jungle packed together with thirty or so internationals, half of them Italian and all of us singing "Bella Ciao" and "Venceremos" as best we could at the top of our lungs. What is happening in Nepal has been exhilerating. Thanks for the appropriate soundrack.

P.S. A song with a related themse but a sadder tone is Leonard Cohen's "The Partisan." A video using clips from Iraq would kick ass.

the burningman

Right now I'm contacting as many musicians as I can to try and pull together a recording of Bella Ciao for the revolution in Nepal.

This would be a great solidarity gesture from our artists.

In you are a singer or musician, or know someone who might be interested, please contact me via email ASAP!


Hey, I want to hear the Chumbawumba version, too. If anyone has it, please post it up!

If anyone has even the lyrics, please share them.

la lucha sigue

What a beautiful song!

What mediocre translations!


Comandante Gringo

Isn't the Internet wonderful?

We really need to figure out how to have it continue working when they shut it off or jam it...


the chumbawamba version, courtesy of chumbawamba:

Comandante Gringo

The Chumbawamba 'cover' is a great addition to the tradition too, because it has a more modern sensibility: going to the city to make revolution -- on top of being also a love song of a sort... which should resonate with a lot of younger activists, especially, I would bet.

It's a welcome update on the older, resistance-to-fascism version.


now if someone only knows where to get a copy of the awesome dog faced hermans version....


You can find a slightly different text and a more "classic" performance on the website of the Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d'Italia:

hannes wader's german version is missing!
red greets

Sir Mildred Pierce

There's another version, this one by Hellblinki Sextet on Episode 13 of the Shapeless Mass Cast:

you can download the mp3 of the song there too.


...and the hungarian "Bella ciao":

Eljött a hajnal, elébe mentem,
Oh Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao,
eljött a reggel, elébe mentem,
és rámtalált a megszálló.

Ha partizán vagy, vigyél el innen,
Oh Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao,
ha partizán vagy, vigyél el innen,
mert ma érzem, mehalok.

Ha meghalok ma, mint annyi társam,
Oh Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao,
ha meghalok ma, mint annyi társam,
legyél te az, ki eltemet.

A hegyvidéken temess el engem,
Oh Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao,
a hegyvidéken temess el engem,
legyen virág a síromon.

Az arra járó ha megcsodálja,
Oh Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao,
az arra járó, ha megcsodálja,
mondja azt, ez szép virág.

Az ő virága, a partizáné,
Oh Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao,
az ő virága, a partizáné,
ki a szabadságért halt meg.


You should try the "Commandantes" from Germany. They have a great version of Bella Ciao in German.

Eines Morgens in aller Fruehe
Oh bella ciao, bella ciao
eines Morgens in aller Fruehe
traffen wir auf unseren Feind

Partisanen oh nehmt mich mit euch
Oh bella ciao, oh bella ciao
denn ich fuehle der Tod ist nah

Und wenn ich sterbe
oh ihr Genossen
oh bella ciao, oh bella ciao
bringt mich dann zur letzten Ruh

In den Schatten der kleinen Blume
oh bella ciao, o bella ciao
In den Schatten der kleinen Blume
in die Berge bringt mich dann

Und diese Blume so sagen alle
oh bella ciao, o bella ciao
ist die Blume des Partisanen
der fuer die Freiheit starb


...and the Turkish "Bella ciao": "Bella ciao":

işte bir sabah uyandığımda
çav bella çav bella çav bella çav çav çav
elleri bağlanmış buldum yurdumun
her yanı işgal altında

sen ey partizan beni de götür
çav bella çav bella çav bella çav çav çav
beni de götür dağlarınıza
dayanamam tutsaklığa

eğer ölürsem ben partizanca
çav bella çav bella çav bella çav çav çav
sen gömmelisin ellerinle beni
ellerinle toprağıma

güneş doğacak açacak çiçek
çav bella çav bella çav bella çav çav çav
gelip geçenler diyecek merhaba
merhaba ey kızıl çiçek

o kızıl çiçek partizanındır
çav bella çav bella çav bella çav çav çav
yiğit yoldaşlardan armağandır bize
simgesidir özgürlüğün

o kızıl çiçek partizanındır
çav bella çav bella çav bella çav çav çav
düşen yoldaşlardan armağandır bize
simgesidir sosyalizmin

Christopher Day

Did anyone ever find the Chumbwamba version?

G. Frohman


Does anyone happen to know the chords to play this song on guitar?

Jimmy Higgins

Hey, boiningman (that's New Yorkese, y'all), if you wanna post 'em, I can try and get you:

Modena City Ramblers [Italy]
(2 versions, with Goran Bregovic vocals on one, and nifty tuba on both. Though they sing in Italian, they started in Modean as an Irish folk band on the Chieftans model and evolved into an odd 'world beat" thing. They are solidly and thoughtfully left: "In October 1997 the band flew to Bolivia to take part in the Encuentro Mundial de Vallegrande in memory of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who was killed there thirty years before."--from their website)

Kud Idijoti [Estonia]

Chjami Aghjalesi [Corsica]

Vello Orumets [Estonia] (I like this'n--I guess you'd have to call it a lounge version, what with the organ and the female chorus, but sincere, not snarky.)

The Dog Faced Hermans (cited above)

Milva [Italy] (An Italian chantoozie, called the Red, but for her hair color, alas. She does it as a modern tarantella.)

Leslie Fish [USofA] (He's a damn anarcho; he has a voice many find, erm, hard to warm up to; and he's a filk-singer and if you don't know what that is, trust me, you don't want to. On the other hand he does the only recorded version I'm familiar with of "It's Sister Jenny's Turn To Throw The Bomb"; he's written a nifty little song entitled "Freedom Road" which gets him big points in my book; and his Bella Ciao lyrics are interesting because he has "anarchized" 'em.)

I got another half dozen not named yet but these are probably the most interesting...

Christopher Day

Thanks. And I look forward to listening to all of the rendition Jimmy has to offer.

the burningman

Please send them as attached mp3s to my email:

This is a very popular page on the site, and any additional versions would add to an international resource.

Jimmy Higgins

Comrade Claus is on his way and it's still two weeks to Maosday (December 26, doncha know?).

the burningman

Here's a little secret: This page is BY FAR the most popular on the RedFlags site...

Jimmy Higgins

Oh, yeah, and for the other Jimmy, here are two sites for the chords,

Chumbawumba's version:

and a traditiional Italian one:


Hey comrades,here is a link to the chumbawamba version

The struggle continues!

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