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April 16, 2006


friend of a friend

I can't help but notice that while much discussion has developed around the anti-revisionist proclamation of the Philippine, Turkish and Indian parties -- there is not a single comment regarding this amazing analysis about what capitalist restoration looks like.

The silence is particularly noticable from those quarters where the "form" of state ownership (and the political monopoly of a nominally communist party) is equated as such with socialism.

This materialist social and political analysis should be forwarded far and wide.


"The silence is particularly noticable from those quarters where the "form" of state ownership (and the political monopoly of a nominally communist party) is equated as such with socialism."

No one has indeed taken such a positions yet in the debate. And I have yet to see anyone dare to say China is Socialist as well.

the burningman

Read a little closer, comrade. There are those who are making the argument that China is socialist, even if under Revisionist management.

The Communist Party USA. The Becker brothers' Party of Socialism and Liberation. Workers World Party. Freedom Road Socialist Organization (definitely Fight Back and presumably Refoundation).

So, yes -- this argument is being made, including in some vaguer manifestations by several people commenting here... and by extension in the international movement, including among self-identified Maoists.


Sorry, I might have briefly skimmed through that. I did not notice, but thanks for the correction.

fellow traveler

True! The only people who think China is socialist are a few communist parties outside of China. Nobody in China believes that anymore. It's such a joke. Not very funny one at that.


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