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March 11, 2006


Christopher Day

No, burningman, not you. I wrote that before I saw your post.

Lurigancho raises some interesting issues. The first is the reality of contradictory lines, some stated and others not, finding expression in various forms. It is natural that a party would want to project the appearance of coherence and this is often accomplished by an emphasis on being able to master the line as expressed in written documents. But the reality of ANY organization's social practice is always more complicated than that. The second issue is the problem of determining the underlying source of some of the more dysfunctional ones.

I agree that the line on democracy can probably claim precedence. The situation IS urgent. And like burningman, I find frantic urgency preferable to careerism and opportunism. (The one seems to be the price we pay for the other, to paraphrase Lenin.) But this shouldn't be the choice, and so the question remains why the urgency expresses itself frantically. (And it should be said here that this is not a universal phenomena, just a strong tendency.)

It seems to me that the line on democracy and the peculiar interpretation of the mass line underly the franticness, which its fair to presume is not the desired effect.

I can think of too many times I've displayed this same franticness and its helpful to try to unpack the political errors that underlay all that.

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