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March 14, 2006


you have to be kidding

Jed Brandt is a major voice in supressing the 911 Truth movement from his perch at NYC Indymedia where all discussion of the topic is banned.

Good to see he's coming along nicely.

Ground Zero

The guys at Union Square do not make a good pitch.

It's funny you should mention how guys geek out on this shit. I"ve never seen more than a single woman in any crowd of 911 conspiroids.

Sausage party.

True? Not true?

I don't really care.

Sander Hicks

I was pleasantly surprised to see this. The 9/11 Truth Movement DOES need people like Jed to bring in this kind of disciplined materialist historical inquiry.

I wonder now if Jed will publish a public statement in the Indypendent. It seems that something like that is called for. He could explain honestly where he was, and why, and where he's at now, and why, and where he might go with this.

Why does the 9/11 Truth Movement need more scientific rigor? Too many people, including our leading authors, embrace every single idea or theory that comes along. That leaves us vulnerable to manipulation and distraction.

Likewise, the left needs less cynicism. We have to remember that people like Michael Parenti have been brilliant critics of global capital, AND have been able to explain the US government's killing of JFK, in that context.

Bridges can be built here. Between the Left and the national 9/11 Truth Movement. Let's do it.

RE: the accusations that the NY 9/11 Truth Movement is all guys—not true. There are plenty of key female members of the NY 9/11 Truth Movement. I know, I was at the Union Square flyering session in the bitter windy cold 2 weeks ago. Not enough women, true, and not 50%, but this is not an "all male" club, nor is it representative of one political viewpoint, as Jed used to assert earlier. In the words of David Ray Griffin, we need a "big tent" approach in our 9/11 Truth movement. Women are playing a key leadership role, nation-wide. Kansas City's Janice Matthews is a national leader and Carol Brouillet is a cofounder of the No. CA 9/11 Truth Alliance, where she organized a major conference in San Fran. Like me, Carol is running for office this year. She deserves our support.

Overall, we should applaud Jed for doing an about-face on this issue, and encourage him to bring his intellectual rigor and skepticism to his coverage of the 9/11 mass movement into NYC IndyMedia and the Indypendent.

max jones

Is this Jed Brandt's website? Sorry, I just received the link in an email and don't see his name anywhere.

First things first, I was 10 blocks away and already on a rooftop when I heard the first plane screaming through the air, looked up and saw it pass over my head. I heard an explosion and wondered, "Wow, did that plane just crash?" I then ran to a better vantage point and watched the entire event unfold. I also personally saw Building 7 go down later that day from the West Side Highway where I was posted as a volunteer rescue worker.

I say this not to prove my 9/11 street cred, but to remind people that being in proximity to the event or knowing people who died does not give anyone the right act like they "know" what happened. This seems to be a common phenomenon when I've been out flyering or protesting for 9/11 Truth. It's like people feel we are attacking their personal experience or saying that they didn't see what they saw.

People need to realize how much of their 9/11 consciousness is mediated. You saw the event, either in person or on TV, but how did you come to know what you saw? Who told you what you saw, who constructed the story?

I also applaud Jed's softening on this issue and hope he will at least offer some sort of acknowledgement to the various people who have been censored by Indymedia for simply trying to ask questions or make important information available to their readers.

I first became aware of the (NYC) Indymedia 9/11 Truth policy when trying to post announcements for our 9/11/05 March to End the 9/11 Media Blackout--kind of ironic when you think about it. I was absolutely shocked that a self-styled alternative, activist, open media outlet would be so closed to asking legitimate questions about the most important event of our time.

Discovering that NYC Indymedia also deleted postings that announced an interview with David Ray Griffin in the LA Times and the Cynthia Mckinney hearings on C-SPAN caused me get somewhat livid.

I had a very heated email exchange with Jed, some of which you can see here:

Eventually, I actually went to one of the NYC Indymedia open meetings to discuss it person. Jed and I had an interesting argument/discussion. I was actually surprised that he did acknowledge some of our points (9/11 Truth) and had read "The New Pearl Harbor". It seemed like the basic argument was that they didn't want Indymedia to devolve into a cesspool of fringe conspiracy.

But more importantly, there seemed to be a real blockage in terms of the supposed "anti-semitic" roots of questioning 9/11. This point seemed personal and not rational, as I not once come across a 9/11 Truth activist or researcher who claims that Israel or Mossad are behind it. Jed belligerently accused us of anti-semitism in mentioning Larry "SilverSTEIN's" connection and suspicious "pull it" comments. I can appreciate the personal, sensitive nature of anti-semitism to Jewish people, but that is no excuse not to honestly examine evidence and facts and ask questions. I call bullshit on anyone who dismisses 9/11 Truth on the grounds that it is "anti-Semitic and racist bullshit".

But, once again, thank you Jed for showing some softening on this issue. We've got a legitimate movement here, please don't marginalize us. We don't claim that "Jews did it" and you shouldn't take it personally if some Jews (and some Pakistanis, Anglos, Christian fundamentalists, fascists, etc) were involved.

Finally, a word on the mainstream left's blind spot and/or hostility toward 9/11 Truth. I think the problem for a lot of these people is that they've been working in a certain paradigm (US government may be imperialistic or incompetent but they aren't "evil" or completely whacko, capable of conspiring to kill their own citizens) for so long that 9/11 Truth is so foreign and radical that it sort of makes all their intellectual critiques issue-oriented activism irrelevant--and they just can't make that leap. 9/11 Truth and the wider truth movement are concrete paths toward true democracy and justice. They inherently indict the entire system and call for revolutionary change. Many people, however progressive or liberal they claim to be, still cannot imagine such fundamental change.


"Go eat shit. Get the picture, you drooling shitheel."

Damn. He called you a drooling shitheel? I can't even picture what that is, but it doesn't sound good.

In context, it makes a little more sense:

"Your 911Truth links to neo-nazi holocaust deniers on YOUR website ( and Infowars). Go eat shit. Get the picture, you drooling shitheel. You stand zero chance of getting your crypto-nazi garbage on the NYC newswire and every effort you make further solidifies this consensus. Since you are too stupid to listen when someone talks to you like a normal person, I am forced to speak like this so you REALLY get the picture."

It is true, it just is, that the 911 skeptics are literally riddled with right-wing conspiroid nonsense. NY 911Trush has, in fact, linked to (insane!) Nazi-supporting websites such as Jeff Rense, and those links aren't just online.

Maybe some people think they are being broad-minded by accepting any support -- but this is not true.

Even when conspiracy theories are deployed by the left, the methodology properly belongs to the right. The conspiracy logic from DePoncins "Freemasonry & Judaism," widely available in NYC at afro-centric book venders to the forgery of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is ALWAYS the myth of national innocence corrupted by a secretive "elite" or "insiders" that infiltrate the institutions of society for their own nefarious ends.

It's fundamentally anti-materialist, and inherently sees scapegoats. Whether the scapegoats are Jewish, as per European tradition both "bankers" and "communists," or in more recent vintage "Saudi sheiks" and "neo-Con." No matter, the logic runs the same.

This is not to say that governmental conspiracies don't exist. Max Jones thinks its that "liberals" can't accept how the government would sacrifice "American lives," but we're not talking about liberals here.

What we're talking about is the denial that there are active subjects in world history who don't neatly follow orders from the so-called "insiders," a term coined by the far-right John Birch Society.

Militant Islamicism is real. It's a potent force with a mass base, institutional support and its own agenda that is generally at odds with US imperialism. I say generally because the history of collusion, specifically against the democratic and communist left is profound. See the Saudi's, Egypt's Islamic Brotherhood, Pakistan's ISI and the mujahadeen in Afghanistan.

Chalmers Johnson's book Blowback was a real eye-opener for me, in terms of how CIA/US "use" of Islamicists and other regional actors can bite the "puppet-masters" right in the ass.

So what all this is saying is that while the PNAC crowd can make hay from 911 -- that doesn't mean they did it. By concentrating on issues of "narrative" in terms of the 911 official story INSTEAD of the systematic nature of imperialism, propaganda manipulation, etc -- we end up obscuring how the SYTEM got us into this mess, not just a rogue crew of neocons ready to be sacrificed as the Court Jews of the 21st Century.

That make sense?

Bottom Line

Bottom line is, ain't no proof one way or the other that any section of the US government/ruling elite brought these towers down.

What there is plenty of evidence for is how a "pearl harbor effect" was cultivated from the highest levels of government.

B'Jesus comments mirror much of my own thinking, and general skepticism of the skeptics.

Every great action isn't the doing of "great men." That's not the world we live in and, if memory serves, there was a discussion about the (supposed) sectarian conflicts in Iraq (and by extension much of the world) that acts like everything is a CIA plot.

It's not. Sometimes the CIA gets played lovely. Just like everybody.

The conspiracy theorists are defined by their basic philosophy in an epistemological/ontological sense. Dig far enough and they always seem to find the devil's fingerprints.

There is no devil, and no divine justice.

the burningman

I'd prefer if correspondence wasn't posted on the site in the future, mine or anybody's without their permission. Thanks.

random red

I think they may well have done it, but I can't prove it. Like the brother said, the problem is the system -- not the personel.

Reichstag fires happen. But the "20th hijacker" is no Dimitrov.

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