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March 21, 2006



Does anyone know of links to Chinese sites that are still up?

Is there any Chinese site that has english?

Are there organizations in China with a public presence that uphold the revolutionary, pro-people legacy of Mao Zedong?

From this side of the Pacific, I hope that Avakian and Lotta's writings on the restoration of capitalism in China are available in Chinese!

fuego fuego

The only thing I can think of is the China Study Group, which I believe is located in NYC.

Jaroslav O.

To the question "Are there organizations in China with a public presence that uphold the revolutionary, pro-people legacy of Mao Zedong?", the answer is unfortunately NO, at least on a large scale. In other words what is your definition of "public presence"?

A couple years ago (or maybe only one... so busy my sense of time starts warping sometimes...) also in Monthly Review there was reports of folks getting arrested for leafletting pro-Mao stuff in Hangzhou. (This story was reprinted by AWTWNS & RW too).

There is undoubted public opinion of a general pro-Mao, pro-GPCR sort (as you can tell from the interview). There is also undoubted resistance of a daily struggle sort amongst both peasantry & proletariat, often bursting into riots, militant strikes, temporary land seizures, etc; this comes out from time to time in the press, both revolutionary & bourgeois (& inbetween, I guess you'd call MR).

However there is nothing resembling a Party to tie it all together. Much as we'd like to think it's there, & all it takes is a bit more effort of searching the net, or even the chinese-language newspapers, objective reality asserts itself.

Much of Avakian & Lotta writings (at least the earlier stuff) on China are available in Chinese, as well as the original '84 version of the RIM declaration & some other Maoist stuff too. Whether it is accessible & in distribution on mainland China, I have no idea. If so, it's still pretty good guess that such accessibility is small-scale.

I know Maoists are "revolutionary optimists", but that's how it is. The optimism part here is the mass rebellions, & the *potential* for this to become organised communist revolution.

PS. On a side note, if anyone interested I have translated some quotes from this interview into Malay on my site (click my name below).

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