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February 10, 2006



Central universal planning of economic development and ecological protection would be of the highest priority?!?!?

What is this communism or the New World Order?


The Vanguard brand is certainly just another nWo if you even want to call it that communism.

Ironically enough on the point of ecological protection, I'd refer you to George Carlin as well as examples like Chernobyl and the Korea DMZ to see how like the human species, good things happen when you let them be.


hi! my name is faccity! your site is good! i will visit it again! good luck!


Hey Everybody,

I'm very new to the movement. I was ''radicalized'' about a year ago when I picked up a few books and started paying attention.

I consider myself a maoist and am sympathetic to RCP politics but not a supporter / member.

I've read many of the threads on this website and appreciate the wide array of political views that manifest themselves. I look forward to contributing mine as well.

Christopher Day


As you may have already figured out, many of the people who used to post regularly here (including Burning Man) are now writing over at:

Check it out.


thanks man, yeah ive been reading that blog as well with great interest!

Ira Wechsler

Christopher Day's "critical" comments about my explanation of how communist production would be organized under the dictatorship of the proletariat are a joke. In no way were my comments arrogant and in no way did they assume there was not complexity in implementing them, since people's subjective consciousness has to be taken into consideration. The criticism of the person preceding Chris Day's hardly seemed like an honest questioner but more like a typiical anti-communist question. I did not ridicule him, I asked him to open his mind to other possibilities than what he has been trianed to expect. If that is arrogance it is so only in Cg hri's Days mind. I see him pandering to anti-communism to attack a correct political line that differs
with his RCP nationalist revisionism. That is not unusual or not to be expected. In a similar vein a Hispanic commenter from Harlem who works in construction issued a barrage of falsehood about PLP. H stated that PLP segregated Latino members in their clubs and they were not in ledership positions! Our party chairman is a Mexican-American woman and many of our club leaders and section leaders are
Hispanic and our International committee has members from Colombia, El Salvador, and Mexico. Our Most active work is among Latin and Black youth in the schools and factories. WE
set back the fascists in Boston in 1975 when the RCP was in hiding. Stick your right wing criticism where your toilet paper belongs.


Well, Ira. Glad you've got everything well in hand. Now when exactly will your superior vision be delivering communism?

With your talents, I'm sure it will be any day now... and rest assured, everyone who's anyone will be eating their words, falling over each other to tell you how right you were.


red greet to all our rebels in the world

Adriano Shaplin

Hello Mr. Brandt,

I am watching Glenn Beck use your image on his program right now. I am a playwright working in New York City and I can forward you my CV.

I would like to discuss the fallout from today's broadcast with you, whatever it may be. I am very interested in your story.

Thank you for reading this.


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