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January 26, 2006



it reads a lot better than it sounded -- which was shrill and uninformed.

the NSA has probably actively spyed on thousands of people, not millions. if there's an argument on "millions" it's in the margins. and when you're trying to effectively challenge power, being credible to an order of magnitude is important.

i liked sam husseini's question though. direct, to the point, and within the scope of observation and logic that everyone could identify with. and hayden balked at it.

from the c-span video it looked like morales just got waived off. now not everyone saw that, and not everyone sympathetic with his rage (i am) will be critical of the nature of his challenge -- but i am afraid that'll breed more shrill, ill-informed protestors... instead of people who can effectively challenge on the facts and on the nature of the opaqueness of getting at the rest of the facts.

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