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January 31, 2006


Reports welcome

These rallies tonight will build for the DC protest next week. The size will be small enough that every person will count.

The Democrats caved on Alito in a shameful act that defines their abdication as a party of liberal rights. The most they could gather was to say the word fillibuster -- but no more.

So here we are.

If you aren't a member of a group with regular responsibilities -- now is the time to pick it up and stop waiting for some perfect group tailored to meet your needs and to build what is necessary.


I am toying with the idea of collecting quotes, fundraising letters, leaflets, other materials put out by the Democratic Party and with liberal organizations associated with it like Naral and NOW raising the specter of the Supreme Court.

I think we have to document that the Democratic Party used the specter of the court for over 20 years to cut off alternatives and arguments for a third party.

Clinton ending welfare in our time? Well yeah, that's bad but we have to think of the court.

Dropping the plan to have gays in the military? Tragic yes but the supreme court.

Democrats voting for the Iraqi War Resolution? Oh I hate that but we have to realize that the one are where the Democrats and Republicans are different is the court.

Then when the fight is finally here, they cave in without a fight. And the "liberals" who voted no on both cloture and Alito himself aren't much different from the Liebermans and Salazars. The Democratic Party leadership simply did not organize from the beginning to put up an effective opposition. The fix was in from the very start, not only because Reid is anti-choice and not only because of right-wing Democrats like Lieberman but because the rest didn't want to risk their jobs and their pork projects.

We have to document this. We need to collect every piece of fundraising material and every argument that they've ever made (that's in writing) using the court as a justification to vote for the Democrats and make a big collage/art project out of it.


to the big Rogouski -- Document it? I've heard it all my life.

The Democratic Party is fucking over.

Too Cute

Anyone else catch the UFPJ graphic stuck in the "stay at home" TV screen?

Too funny. Except I'm almost crying.

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