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December 27, 2005


Red Guard

Don't forget the Li Onesto interview from before victory looked so imminent, or the interview in People's March, the Indian Naxalite publication from the recently united parties in South Asia.

Also -- any news on the CCOMPOSA meeting in India?

Chandan Lama

As I read, hear and see conflict that is destroying lives all around the world today, I wonder when the time will come for the intellectuals, the governments and the civil societies around us to start thinking about rewriting the Bibles and the Korans of the world again. Only this time doing it in a way that will minimize the chances of misintrepretation by radical groups of people. Now is the time for everyone to consider this proposal in order for the future generation of humans to live side by side more peacefully. Religious writers of the past I must say probably did a good job back then but times have changed, societies have evovled, humans are more literate and more and more people are aware about human rights nowadays. Using the same old technique cannot work all the time and we must adapt and move forward. Why can't they start amending their holy books and make it easier for everyone to accept life in a truly peaceful and humane way? Instead of saying an eye for an eye why can't they write intense therapy and rehabilitation for an eye? Instead of saying unbelievers will be punished and will go straight to hell can't they write that those who do not believe will have to do so at their own cost. Why does religion which in my view is first of all such a bigoted business have to have such a huge hand in determining how one should live in this world? It is such a seggragative force in our lives that I find it difficult to understand how humans can be so blind not to recognise it for what it is. All it has done is that apart from creating this huge gap between people it has established a system which has to be accepted no matter if its right or wrong, just or unjust and all in the name of a God which is not there whatsoever!!!

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