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December 29, 2005



I think all this relates to how important the Culutral Revolution was on many different levels. Preventing capitalist restoration turned out to be a lot more complex then just knocking down capitalist-roaders like Liu Shaoqi- it turned out to be a protracted struggle.

I appreciated this article, I had long wondered what the common feelings for Mao and the socialist period are now in the rural areas.

the burningman

True that. Regarding the common feelings of Mao -- by all accounts he is widely loved by the working people of China. The GPCR is the dividing line. Upholding old China is a hard sell, and during the Tienanmen Square protests it was interesting how much Mao was refered to as a good time in China, when the people were valued and engaged versus now where they are slaves to capital.

It looks like a great storm is building in China. I wish I knew how we could help get Mao's legacy and writing on the internet so that they were accesssible in Chinese languages.

If anyone speaks Chinese (or various sub-language groups) it would be a very valuable effort to support. Even a simple blog, particularly getting out Avakian's writings on Mao's legacy could have an effect much greater than it would appear at first suggestion.

People love Mao, but they don't always know why -- and there is not a Maoist party currently operating in China even while millions are in revolt against capitalism.

Red Guard

Mao 49 is supposed to be good, Mao fighting capitalism inside the state and the very structure of the class system is supposed to be bad.

Lots of people like Mao because he was a bad motherfucker who fought and won -- but the ideological contributions he made are in many ways the long march we are all still on. Appreciating them isn't enough -- we need to build parties and fight for a good understanding.

Otherwise, we won't win -- and if we do win it won't matter.


Agreed Red Guard. Lets get to it! :)

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