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March 31, 2005


Christopher Day


The blog is great. Well chosen and interesting articles. Good commentary. I look forward to an escalation it it traffic. Bravo. I'd lose the grey and return to the white background though for a little less eye-strain.

the burningman

the traffic is growing very quickly. This month it has grown from effectively nothing to hundreds of hits a day.

Biggest source of traffic? Google searches for "Bob Avakian," "Nina Hartley" and "Burningman." This bodes well for the future.

I thought the gray would be less eye strain than white. In any case, the ending of the Beta model isn't complete. I still have to map the domian and properly name the blog. Every white person under 30 I talk to just thinks of bongos in the Nevada desert... when I'm just a man on fire.

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